Department of Forest Management

Department of Forest Management (DMNH) was established in year 1969 as one of the oldest Department in Forestry Faculty (IPB).   With the vision of becoming a prominent educational institution in developing science, technology, and art of tropical forest management on ecosystem basis for ensuring the sustainability of social, ecological and economical function of forests, Department of Forest Management (DMNH) possesses scientific mandate to develop science and technology and policy which are needed to plan, organize, execute and evaluate the system of organizing and managing forest on ecosystem basis.

The main competences of DMNH are manifested in Division of Forestry Planning, Division of Forest Resources Utilization, and Division of Forestry Policy.

Competences of Forestry Planning Division are forest biometrics, forest planning, analysis of forest resources inventory system, forestry geographical information system (GIS), spatial model, remote sensing, qualitative forest management, forest hydrology, watershed management, and soil and water conservation.

Competences of Forestry Policy Division are economics and management of forest resources, forestry institutional economics, forestry sociology, community forestry, ethnoforestry, forestry politics and economy, forestry development economics, social forestry, and forestry policy.

Competences of Forest Resources Utilization Division are forest harvesting, opening up of forest area, forest utilization operation, forest engineering, harvesting of non wood forest products, and forest ergonomic.