1.Question  : What is Summer  Course  Faculty  if Forestry  and Environment  IPB University about ?
Answer  : It is a program to increase the youth awareness idea and creativity regarding technology and innovation on
2.Question  : When and how long will the Summer Course 2021 take ?
: Summer course will be held on 21st – 29th August 2021.
3.Question :  I missed online registration, what can I do ?
Answer: Send your interest on email id  forsc@apps.ipb.ac.id
4.Question : What is the theme of this year’s summer course ?
Answer: The theme of this year’s summer course is tropical forest ecosystem management and innovations
5.Question: What is the theme of this year’s summer course ?
Answer: The theme of this year’s summer course is tropical forest ecosystem management and innovations
6.Question : How the way to register this summer course ?
Answer: You can access our link on ipb.link/forsc2021 and follow the guidanc from the form. And we have three category of participant : –    Regular participant : a regular participant that have to pay the fee
(graduate / under graduate / non student)
–     Student   delegate   :   a   delegate   from   Indonesia/International university   that  have  recommendation   
letter/appointment   form from their university (fee of charge)
–     Scholarship : available for 50 Indonesian/International participants which will selected by the committees
based in their motivation
letter (free of charge)
7.Question: What the meaning of regular participant?
Answer:  A Regular participant is a participant who come from under 
  graduates , graduates and the general public (non-students) who will pay the registration fee.
8.Question: Where will the fee be paid ?
Answer: The committee will be announce the selected participans then for regular participant  we  will   send  info  with  the  specific  account  from  the
Early bird :
Local Participants : Rp250.000,- International Participants : $35
Late bird
Local Participants : Rp350.000,- International Participants : $45
9.Question: Do I need to submit my TOEFL/IELTS scores in order to participate   
 this Summer Course?
Answer:No, TOEFL/IELTS scores is not required to apply this summer course
10Question:  If  I cancel my registration, is registration fee refundable?
Answer: Sorry,  no. Registration  fee for regular  participant  once  paid  is not refundable.
11.Question: How many participants can participate in this event ?
Answer: We   will   invite   around   100   participants   from   Indonesia   and  
 international student.
12Question: What are the criteria for the participant you are looking for?
Answer: We are looking  for participants  who are committed  to this activity especially  participant  enthusiastic  to forestry and environment.   We are  looking  for  active  and  creative  participants  to  discuss  related forestry    and   environment    issues.   And   we   open   the   widest opportunities  for  graduate,  undergraduate  and  general  p ublic  (non student
13.Question: What is the activities of in this event  ?
Answer: You will get material from 17th competent lectures in their field, virtual  
 visit to Mount Walat Education  Forest, virtual visit to Mount Gede  
 Pangrago National Park, Youth Initiative Contest (YIC) , International
 Conference on Tropical Silviculture and included with certificate.
14.Question: Can it be converted to SKS (semester credits hours) ?
Answer: Yes, sure. It be converted to 2 SKS
15.Question: How I get my transcript from this Summer Course 2021 ?
: We will give your certificate throught email no later than 2 weeks after  
 the summer course ends.
16.Question: What if I have to cancel my registration?
Answer: Just  confirm  to  our  email  on   forsc@apps.ipb.ac.id   but  sorry  for registration fee cant refundable
17Question: What if I have a class schedule at the time of this Summer Course?
Answer: The committee will send a permit letter and invitation letter to all
universities signed by dean of the forestry faculty to request permission so that summer course participants can take part in the full summer course activities.
18.Question: Do I ever have to come to come for an online course?
Answer: No, students do not have to come campus because all activities will be done online
19.Question: If I can’t attend a class (for a reason), how can I make up what I’ve missed?
Answer: For this course, a modul will be given. It will be students director for
the class. Moreover, students will divided into teams, so one another in the team may have conversation and discussion and hopefully no one will miss the topic even though there is student that can’t attend the class.:
20.Question: Is there any final exam ? what if I cannot attend the final exam ?
Answer: There  are  no  final  exam,  the  assessment  is  only  done  through participation in the Young Initiative Contest conducted in a team. If you have problems (e.g.: conflict with your class schedule at your home campus) you don’t need to worry because we will provide letter for licensing.
21.Question: How is my registration confirmed?
Answer: Via email on 31 July 2021
22.Question: How can I see a list of who is attending ?
Answer: You can see on our sosial media Instagram @forest.env or our website https://fahutan.ipb.ac.id/  and our email on forsc@apps.ipb.ac.id
23.Question: What are the criteria for participant who will get a certificate ?
Answer: Participant who will get a certificate are participants who are at least 80 
  percent active in the summer course