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03 May 2021


Tropical Forest Ecosystem Management and Innovation

[🌳☘️Virtual Summer Course, Faculty of Forestry and Environment, IPB University] 🌳☘️

Dear Forestry Enthusiast,

Faculty of Forestry and Environment, IPB University proudly presents The 2nd International Summer Course on Forestry and Environment (ForSC2021) ”Tropical Forest Ecosystem Management and Innovations” that will be integrated with The 3rd International Conference on Tropical Silviculture (ICTS2021) and Youth Initiative Contest.

This virtual summer course will be held:
🗓️ August 21-29, 2021
📍 Zoom Meeting

Wait, there’s SPECIAL offering for you!

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✨ Summer Course Scholarship ✨

This is available for 50 participants which will selected by the committeess just based on their motivation letter ( free registration fee! )

We’re also offering:

  • 2 credits earning (general lectures)
  • 2 virtual visits
  • Youth initiative contest
  • International conference on tropical silviculture

So, What are you waiting for? Don’t waste this golden opportunity and register yourself! ✨


Let join and enjoy with us! Stay at home, and get all the benefits. Thank you!

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Further information:
🧕🏻Dr. Eva Rachmawati
+62 812-9456-148
IG: forsc.ipb
Website: or

29 Apr 2021

Ekonomi Kehutanan: Multiproduk dan Multipihak Edisi I

Kepada indonesia sebagai negara berdaulat, Allah SWT Telah menganugerarhi kekayaan sumberdaya alam hutan yang sangat besar, mencakup kurang lebih 60% luas daratannya . Sumberdaya hutan alam indonesia sungguh istimewa, dengan faktor habitat dan iklim yang sangat baik yang dapat memberikan pertumbuhan biomassa  yang tinggi , serta memiliki kekayaan keragaman hayati (biodiversity) dan non hayati (landscape) yang tinggi.

27 Jan 2021

2nd Workshop on Techno-Socio Innovation on Sustainable Peatland Management

Fakultas Kehutanan dan Lingkungan IPB University bekerjasama dengan ICT Virtual Organization of ASEAN Institutes and NICT (ASEAN IVO) akan menyelenggarakan The 2nd Workshop on Techno-Socio Innovation on Sustainable Peatland Management yang akan dihadiri oleh peserta dari Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Jepang dan Indonesia pada tanggal  19 dan 20 Januari 2021. Acara ini merupakan sesi sharing tentang inovasi teknologi dan sosial untuk pengelolaan lahan gambut berkelanjutan yang dikembangkan oleh masing-masing institusi/Negara.

Berikut Dilampirkan ” Link materi: “

29 Sep 2020


The role of youth in the forest and environment management to achieve sustainable development goal


  1. Background

Tropical forests are an essential natural resource that provide enormous tangible products (timber, fruit, resin, sap, etc.) and intangible products (biodiversity, climate regulation, CO2 pool, O2 producer, hydrology regulation, ecotourism, gene bank, etc.) which need to be managed wisely and appropriately so that the benefits can be utilized optimally for the stakeholders. However, the forest management system has historically tended to focus on timber utilization that unable to maintain the forest, especially for the natural forests as indicated by the decreasing number of natural forest concessions, low of natural forest timber production for the domestic industry, and increasing rates of deforestation and degradation. The excessive deforestation and degradation of Indonesian forests have resulted in increased CO2 emission and climate change, as well as the loss of biodiversity. Therefore, sustainable forest management should be carried out to reduce the impact of deforestation and forest degradation by considering social, economic, and forest ecosystem functions. Recently, forest management paradigm is changing from forest management with the aim of producing timber to forest management with the aim of preserving ecosystem services and forest ecosystem functions in achieving sustainable development.Read More