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07 Aug 2023

Youth Initiative Contest: Stimulate Young Generation Plays a Role in Realizing Sustainable Forest Management

To maintain environmental sustainability, the need for the active role of the younger generation in sustainable forest management is becoming increasingly urgent. To inspire and encourage youth participation, a Youth Initiative Contest has been held to bridge the gap between the spirit of innovation and responsibility for forest ecosystems.

Youth Initiative Contest ( YIC is a competition forum as one of a series of activities of the Faculty of Forestry and Environment Summer Course (ForSC) 2023, which will be held online from 02 – 28 July 2023. Foreign participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Kenya, and China attended this activity. The competition held by FAHUTAN IPB is not just a competition but also a platform to build awareness about the importance of forest conservation and involve young people in sustainable solutions. Through this contest, the youth are expected to be able to present their creative ideas that can be implemented in forest conservation efforts and natural resource management.

One exciting aspect of the Youth Initiative Contest is its focus on interdisciplinary collaboration. Participants were invited to think beyond conventional boundaries and embrace a wide range of knowledge and expertise from natural sciences to technology, economics to education; all fields have a role to play in preserving sustainable forests. YIC has two types of competition, namely articles and posters. After the presentation and Q&A session with the jury team, the article competition was won by Nurul Adilawani from Universiti Putra Malaysia in 1st place, Chepchirchir Ruth from Moi University in 2nd place, Nur Afiqah from Universiti Putra Malaysia as 3rd place, and Dea Hardiyani from IPB University as 4th place. The poster competition was won by Group 9, consisting of A’isy Mufidah Rahma (IPB University), Siti Kamaliyyah Ihsanah (IPB University), Syarifah Nurhaliza Amalia (Lambung Mangkurat University), and Nurul Adilawani (Universiti Putra Malaysia). The second place in the poster competition was won by Group 7, consisting of Mohammad Thoriq Al-Ghifari (IPB University), Dian Revissama Putri (IPB University), Sri Yusmitasari Yusuf (Hasanuddin University), Abdul Rahim Idris (Mulawarman University), Aptu Andy Kurniawan (Padjadjaran University), and Lintang Kirana Prasetyo (Sebelas Maret University). The third place in the poster competition was won by Group 3, consisting of Ramadaniasakina Tsuzuki (IPB University), Septian Hadi Nugraha (IPB University), Naura Hazhiyah Subagja (IPB University), Chepchirchir Ruth (Moi University), Bela Aulia (Muhammadiyah Bangka Belitung), and Arjuman Pasaribu (University of North Sumatra). The fourth place in the poster competition was won by Group 10, consisting of Salsa Destiani Fitri (IPB University), M. Rafi Putra Zulkarnain (IPB University), Rian Dwirizqi Miftahul Huda (IPB University), Amirul Mukminin (Universiti Putra Malaysia), Miduk Sitanggang (University of North Sumatra), Nur Afiqah (Universiti Putra Malaysia).

The role of the younger generation in forest conservation efforts is essential; they are heirs to nature and the environment and will be the successors in maintaining the planet’s sustainability. Thus, allowing them to contribute to sustainable forest management is vital to creating a sustainable future.

During the challenges of climate change and environmental damage, the Youth Initiative Contest comes as a breath of fresh air that reminds us that there is hope through the collaboration and dedication of the younger generation. The success of this contest will not only create innovative solutions for sustainable forest management and inspire a more significant global movement to protect the planet for a better future. With more and more young participants involved in the Youth Initiative Contest, the hope for a strong and sustainable forest is increasingly realized. Let’s support and collaborate with young people in this joint effort to create a greener and more sustainable world.