Vision of year 2011–2030

Becoming a prominent center for higher education for tropical forestry in Asia, on the basis of research, entrepreneurship character, and principles of sustainable management, to ensure the implementation of integrated sustainability ofappropriate human life quality from generation to generation.


  • Carrying out integrated higher education which comprises forestry and environmental sciences, and developing comprehensive student development to improve the country’s competitiveness in the field of forestry  and environment.
  • Developing innovation of science and technology for supporting the sustainability of appropriate human life quality for present and future generations and for natural ecological balance.



Improving the capacity of management of University Three Services which comprise activities of education, research, and public service in the field of science, knowledge, and technology of tropical forest ecosystem; and attracting increased support from the general public, either locally, nationally, regionally, or globally for sustainability of tropical forest, and for sustainability of appropriate human life quality.




  • Increasing the capacity building of Faculty of Forestry (IPB) by improving value system, education system, research, and public service.
  • Developing department on the basis of research and developing entrepreneurship pattern.
  • Developing trust fund of Faculty of Forestry (IPB).
  • Improving the role of and support from civitas academica (university teaching staffs, supporting staffs, and students).
  • Encouraging the policy of government, either nationally, provincially, or at district/municipal level for establishment of appropriate spatial arrangement on the basis of ecosystem and bioregion.