Profile of Forestry Faculty

Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University is the oldest Forestry Higher Education institution in Indonesia. In 1940, Facultiet voor Landbouw-wetenschappen was established as a continuation Landbouw Hogeschool, which has a Department of Agriculture and Forestry Department, along with the formation of a Facultiet der Diergeneskunde   formerly College of Veterinary Medicine (PTKH). Landbouw Hogeschool was closed during the Japanese occupation (1942-1945) and reopened in 1947. These two faculties in Bogor were part of  Universiteit van Indonesie which later changed its name to the University of Indonesia.

In the Year 1950 Facultiet voor Landbouw-Wetenschappen changed its name to the Faculty of Agriculture University of Indonesia with the three departments of Social Economy, Natural Science and Forestry. On September 1, 1963, by Decree of the Minister of Higher Education and Science (PTIP) No. 91 in 1963, Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine became Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB), as independent institution from  University of Indonesia which was approved by Presidential Decree No. with. 2791 in 1965. At the time,  IPB consists of five faculties namely: Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Fisheries, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, and the Faculty of Forestry.

Faculty of Forestry consists of 2 departments, namely Department of Forest Management and the Department of Exploitation and Forest Products Processing, which later became the Department of Forest Products in the year 1969. Since 1972, IPB, including the Faculty of Forestry implement 4-years undergraduate curriculum (undergraduate program-1 / S1). In 1975, IPB opened the first Graduate School in Indonesia, and the Year 1978, Faculty of Forestry opened the Graduate Program in  Woodworking Science and Forest Management. In 1983 the Department of Forest Products to be renamed the Department of Forest Products Technology, and in the same year established the Department of Forest Resources Conservation. In 1990 the Postgraduate Program in Wood Science and Forest Management  became Study Program of Forestry Sciences. In 2003, IPB started running Centralized system of  Administration and Decentralized  Academic bussiness, where the Department, Faculty, Center and Research Institute & Community Service Institution as the backbone for those academic bussiness.

In 2005, IPB implement Major-Minor system, and the Faculty of Forestry developed into 4 departments, namely Department of Forest Management, Forest Products Departremen, Department of Forest Resources Conservation & Ecotourism, and the Department of Silviculture.